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Re: Happy Birthday to Ernesto Gastaldi! -- Tim Lucas

" Posted by: Mirek Lipinski , 09/09/2004, 19:47:44



Dear Mr. Gastaldi: So many of your films are a part of my life that wishing you a most happy birthday comes easily from the heart. Thank you for your invaluable contribution to cine fantastique and bizarre.


Buon compleanno e grazie per tutti, Signor Gastaldi!

Re: Happy Birthday to Ernesto Gastaldi! -- Tim Lucas

" Posted by: Jessica L. Tibbits , 09/09/2004, 19:57:38


Grazie, maestro!

Re: Happy Birthday to Ernesto Gastaldi! -- Tim Lucas

" Posted by: James Cheney , 09/09/2004, 20:35:25



You have written every other film I love! Folks like Wilder, Hecht, Nugent wrote the rest: great achievers all, but none of them were quite in your league for nonstop, unstinting, entertaining screen activity (only Ben H. comes close). I thought you must be well over a hundred by now given sheer quantity of credits, but it appears you are just a ragazzo. I can't wait for your "old master" phase to kick in a decade or so down the road. Thanks so much for so much good work, and, most of all, for being the very embodiment of a fertile imagination and ceaseless, cheerful creativity. Your wisdom and good humor set a great example for us all.

Modified by James Cheney at Thu, Sep 09, 2004, 21:05:41

One of my first "do it yourself video projects"...

Re: Happy Birthday to Ernesto Gastaldi! -- Tim Lucas

" Posted by: David White , 09/09/2004, 21:32:31




...was reconstructing THE STRANGE VICE OF SIGNORA WARD from VHS tapes of the various, incomplete prints available in the states back during the begining of the home video revolution. I rented both NEXT VICTIM and BLADE OF THE RIPPER and edited them together with my camcorder. I still love the film, and in fact love every Gastaldi scripted film I've ever seen.

The shelves of video stores, in the late 80's, were full of hidden treasures - just shelf-filler for video store clerks who didn't know better and wanted to take up space until the next 30 copies of BACK TO THE FUTURE III were delivered. I used to pick up the boxes and stare at them, wanting to take the plunge, but not quite ready to leave familiar terrain. Once I finally gave in, my whole perception of cinema changed. Gastaldi, whether his name appeared anywhere on the print of the film or not, was responsible for so many of these gems and it was through Italian horror/gialli cinema that my passion for films became reinvigorated. More than simply initiating me into a new genre, viewing gialli has made me appreciate every film genre (yes, including the occasional Hollywood crap) a little bit more. Watching BULWORTH, a few years ago, I leaned forward in my seat when I saw the mysterious, black-gloved assassin's hands loading a gun to the sounds of an Ennio Morricone score. Watch a few gialli before renting the latest Hollywood thriller or arthouse favorite. The duplicity and sexual behavior that takes center stage in the giallo and Gastaldi's scripts, start becoming more apparent even in lesser works. In short, once you've seen enough films scripted by Gastaldi, you'll never look at cinema the same way again.

Gastaldi's scripts always add a level of complexity to what would otherwise be a standard exploitation film. Take a look at WEREWOLF IN A GIRL'S DORMITORY; honestly, what more do you expect with a title like that then a marauding werewolf terrorizing a bunch of coeds? But Gastaldi laces the proceedings with subplots and secret agendas. To enjoy a Gastaldi film, you can't just sit back and rest waiting for the next gruesome killing, you have to actually *think* about what you're watching. I'm sure a lot of people thought that was too much work to put into a grainy, incomplete, panned-n-scanned, dubbed, EP mode video tape. Their loss.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Ernesto. I'll bet you never suspected that several decades later, so many people on our side of the pond would appreciate your work that much.

David White


Happy Birthday

Re: One of my first "do it yourself video projects"... -- David White

" Posted by: Tom Betts , 09/09/2004, 22:04:23



Enough celebrating now go to work writing one more Spaghetti Western.
Thank you for so many hours of enjoyment and entertainment over the years. Your work is truly appreciated by those of us on this board.
Have a wonderful day and many, many more.


Best Wishes and Many Happy Returns...

Re: Happy Birthday -- Tom Betts

" Posted by: Robert Monell , 09/10/2004, 05:45:02



Hope you are having a most Happy Birthday, Ernesto. You have my unqualifiied admiration and sincere appreciation for the many, many hours of entertainment you have given with your wonderful scripts and films. Your work is always unique, unpredicatable and rewarding of multiple viewings. Grazie!


Best wishes to you on your birthday!

Re: Happy Birthday to Ernesto Gastaldi! -- Tim Lucas

" Posted by: Robert Richardson , 09/10/2004, 01:39:06




Thank you Signor Gastaldi for the gift of your imagination, and all of the entertainment you've given us! Many happy returns, and may good health always be yours!

Modified by Robert Richardson at Fri, Sep 10, 2004, 01:44:20


Happy birthday, Ernesto!

Re: Happy Birthday to Ernesto Gastaldi! -- Tim Lucas

" Posted by: Matt Blake , 09/10/2004, 03:29:12




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Why Those Strange Crumbs of Birthday Cake on the Whiskers of Ernesto?

Re: Happy Birthday to Ernesto Gastaldi! -- Tim Lucas

" Posted by: Steve Guariento , 09/10/2004, 03:44:03





Buon compleanno, signore!


Happy Birthday! And thank you so much...

Re: Happy Birthday to Ernesto Gastaldi! -- Tim Lucas

" Posted by: Christian Keller , 09/10/2004, 08:38:49





...for the many, many hours of brilliant entertainment I was (and still am!) able to enjoy through your work.


Ernesto is God! Happy Birthday Giallo-father!

Re: Happy Birthday to Ernesto Gastaldi! -- Tim Lucas
Posted by: Lefteris Tsoutsos , 09/12/2004, 20:04:31 post reply top message newest index

and thank you for countless hours of viewing pleasure!
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